Saturday, January 27, 2007

Version 163 uploaded

  • Upload Queue: added Save Upload Queue item to the upload toolbar and to the context menu.
  • Upload Queue: added Reveal In Explorer item to the context menu.
  • Upload Queue: added Open Image item to the context menu.
  • Main menu: moved View Current Log File menu item into a Log File submenu.
  • Main Menu: added Open Log Folder menu item to the Log File submenu there so it's easy to browse the older logs.
  • Perused configurable proxy settings to multithreaded (MT) upload
    (proxy server, user name, password, port).
  • Improved MT error handling (don't ask:-).
  • Perused configurable HTTP timeout to MT upload.
  • Perused configurable repeat attempts for MT upload (0=ad infinitum).

Get yourself a copy of Star*Explorer and see for yourself!


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