Sunday, July 16, 2006

S*E: v.149: dramatically improved auto album creation

Now you can remove them from the queue without closing the application, rename them before the actual creation/upload and configure how underlaing folders are handled. Get the new version and check the Preferences.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ver.148: Upload Log Viewer is here!

With this version you'll get two new main toolbar buttons (and two correspondent Online menu items).
One provides a direct link to your server's upload log (which can be huge, to say the least).
The other allows you to download the info locally (without the pictures, hence much faster) and lets you view, sort, filter, export, save and, most importantly, re-upload the files that were (mistakenly) rejected by smugmug servers (while having valid IDs).
Since the latest versions of S*E store some upload-related info in the cache, you don't have to locate albums, retype the captions, etc. Just verify that files are in fact OK, and hit Upload:-)